Stormcast Eternal - Liberators

Skończony pierwszy oddział Liberatorów.

"Stormcast Eternal Liberators are immortals all. Their might is irresistible, and their number is greater than the hailstones of a raging tempest. They are Sigmar's hammer in human form, the might of Ghal Maraz incarnate. Hurled from the skies, they strike with force enough to shatter the rule of Chaos.

The Liberators boast only heroes in their ranks. Some were chosen for their strength of arms, others for the steel in their souls. Since their Reforging, they are as united in physical might as they are in purpose. Blasted by lightning only to be born anew, these paragons are infused with the magic of the stars; at the call of the God-King thay can plunge into battle via bolts of raw celestial energy. In finest sigmarite they are clad - magical iron mined at great cost from Mallus, the Broken World. The Stormhosts are Sigmar's greatest weapon, forged over centuries to strike at the heart of Chaos, and the Liberators are their warrior heart. Their time, at last, has come."

6 komentarzy:

  1. Wypas! Ten złoty jest obłędny!

  2. Co tu się rozpisywać - ekipa na wypasie! Super robota!

  3. Wyglądają super, chciałbym zobaczyć chaos w twoim wykonaniu... :D

    1. Chaos już jest w trakcie, ale idzie oporniej. Wolniejszy jest w malowaniu :-)