Heinrich Kemmler

Heinrich Kemmler is a great and feared Necromancer. During his unnaturally prolonged lifespan he has assembled a library, the greatest trove of necromantic lore outside Nagashizzar and had been advisor and counselor to kings and princes across the Old World. In the hills beyond Quenelles in Bretonnia his army had smashed the zombie legions of the Council of Nine, an alliance of nine powerful necromancers. In the dark woods beyond the town of Bogenhafen in the western Empire, he had overcome the three Vampire Wizards of Blutwald and all their armies of walking dead. In the crypts beneath castle Vermisace he had overcome the ancient Liche wizard and all his acolytes and was since known as The Lichemaster. But his ambitious rivals eventually succeeded in defeating the Lichemaster, driving him to the edge of death. His body was broken and his mind blasted.

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